• FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software
  • FlashBrainer Innovation Software

FlashBrainer Innovation eTool

FlashBrainer Accelerated Innovation Software


The FlashBrainer’s integrated 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process helps you generate, plan and organize ideas. The tool also helps you use your whole brain to generate up to 530% more ideas than traditional brainstorming.

The FlashBrainer® is software that actually helps you think better, faster and smarter — using hundreds of proven questions, words, quotes and images as inspiration. Do you want to BE more creative? Do you want to KNOW how to innovate faster? Read on to learn how we can help.

The software has 180 color-coded ‘cards’ that use a proven innovation language. Many people find the FlashBrainer tool is more valuable than traditional books or software on innovation.

180 color-coded cards guide you through the 4 stages of our unique Accelerated Innovation process to help you think differently.

How does the FlashBrainer work? [ back to top ]

The FlashBrainer works because it is designed to help you use your whole brain. Your brain is much more complex than traditional right and left brain models. Your brain actually has 4 quadrants and the FlashBrainer stimulates all 4 of them which inspire you to quickly develop innovative solutions. The FlashBrainer uses carefully-researched stimulus to provoke your brain to be more creative and innovative. The tool’s innovation language is based on the biological structure of the human brain and Gerald “Solutionman” Haman’s 4-quadrant 4Brain Thinkers™ Model.

Now, let’s try a little FlashBraining!

I’ve chosen some sample words and questions from the 180 “cards” in the FlashBrainer to demonstrate. First, think of a goal, challenge or problem… Record your responses as you work through the steps below.


    Every good solution begins with a solid understanding of the problem.

    Begin expanding your mind by generating a broad array of different ideas. Get ready to record your answers, and select a prompt on the right to get started.

    Ask Yourself:

    What is needed, wanted or wished?


    • Motivations
    • Facts
    • Perceptions

    What If You:

    • Define
    • Redefine
    • Discover

    Think About:

    “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution; it is that they can’t see the problem.”
    - G.K. Chesterton


    Sink your teeth in. Generate as many ideas as you can, there’s no wrong answer (yet).

    Use the Create State to begin synthesizing fresh ideas. Follow the shape of the diamonds – generate plenty of ideas, and select the best to refine in the next stage.

    Ask Yourself:

    What is impossible to do today, but if it could be done, would change the situation?


    • Options
    • Possibilities
    • Emotions

    What If You:

    • Synthesize
    • Recycle

    Think About:

    “Creation comes before distribution – or there will be nothing to distribute.”
    - Ayn Rand


    Use the FlashBrainer’s proven prompts to crosscheck your ideas for feasability.

    The prompts in the Evaluate Stage are tuned to allow you to dissect your ideas from all angles. Identify what makes a solution the best fit for your goal or challenge.

    Ask Yourself:

    What are the potential evaluation criteria?


    • Strengths
    • Opportunities
    • Threats

    What If You:

    • Rank
    • Rate
    • Prioritize

    Think About:

    “Objections are expressions of interest.”
    - Zig Ziglar


    Confident you’ve now covered all angles, put the best into action in the final stage.

    The Activate Stage ensures that your inspiration gets the attention it needs. Now that you know which ideas are best, know how to best make them reality.

    Ask Yourself:

    What are potential obstacles or challenges, and how must they be overcome?


    • Communities
    • Relationships
    • Budgets

    What If You:

    • Implement
    • Realize
    • Inspire

    Think About:

    “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.”
    - G.K. Chesterton

  • WHEW!

    It’s time to step away from the drawing board and put your grand plans into action.

    Craving more? Feel free to use this demo as many times as you’d like, but for the full experience, you need your own KnowBrainer!

Who uses the FlashBrainer? [ back to top ]

Everyone Who Wants To Innovate Better, Faster & Smarter.

The FlashBrainer was designed to be used by anyone for almost any purpose. It is based on how most human brains think, and therefore can be used in a variety of job situations, functions, professions and age groups. The FlashBrainer has been used by people in management, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, product and service development, finance and operations. Students and professors at several prominent universities and schools have found the FlashBrainer to be extremely valuable. Many people have used the FlashBrainer to prepare for entrepreneurial opportunities, change careers or find a new job.

  • SolutionPeople Customers
  • SolutionPeople Customers

How Will the FlashBrainer Help You?

Create Breakthrough Ideas Everywhere, Everytime with Everybody. The tool has helped thousands of people generate millions of ideas… and it can help YOU. People have used the FlashBrainer tool to invent award-winning products or services.

Thousands of people have used the FlashBrainer to develop, sell, market and promote ideas. If you need to save time or gain time, then the FlashBrainer is for you, your team, or your customers. If you need to increase profits or communicate more value, the FlashBrainer is for you.

Numerous ways to innovate

  • 4-Step Innovation Process
    1. Investigate Needs
    2. Create Ideas
    3. Evaluate Solutions
    4. Activate Plans
  • 4 Key Colors
    1. Blue to “Investigate”
    2. Yellow to “Create”
    3. Green to “Evaluate”
    4. Red to “Activate”
  • 6 Types of Stimulus in Each Step
    1. iMusic
    2. Questions
    3. Nouns (What Words)
    4. Verbs (How Words)
    6. Images
  • Unlimited Ways to Record Ideas
    1. Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint
    2. Blank Paper, Flip Charts
    3. Audio, Video
    4. Outline, Draw, Illustrate, Sketch, Mind Map
  • 4 Ways to View the FlashBrainer
    1. Small image
    2. Full screen
    3. Multiple views
    4. Project to groups on large monitors, TVs or screens
  • 3 Methods of Navigation
    1. Manual
    2. Automatic
      1. Logical
      2. Random

Invest in your FlashBrainer Tool today.

Start brainstorming faster and smarter wherever you go.

Many people have used the FlashBrainer to plan meetings & events. Others have used to tool to develop plans that help people implement and execute ideas. Professors and teachers have used the FlashBrainer to teach students how to be more creative and innovative, in fact, it’s been used as a “textbook replacement” for a graduate level innovation course at Northwestern University.

Many FlashBrainer users have found it to be valuable to attend webinars and workshops that help them learn the full power of the FlashBrainer and learn over 50 innovation techniques that use the FlashBrainer. All FlashBrainer owners can download a FREE eBook that provides detailed instructions on the 5 most popular techniques including FlashThinking, Questionating, Wordating, Quotemplating and Visualating.

  • iKnowBrainer Mobile Apps

    $148 $97

    We compressed all the great prompts from FlashBrainer into a handy interface that you can use wherever your mobile device takes you. Now on the count of three, put down the angry birds.

    iKnowBrainer is now available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile Devices

    Digital products are excluded from the ROI Guarantee
    Buy Now
  • KnowBrainer Classic Flashcard Deck

    $148 $97

    Our original set of 180 inspiring Flashcards. KnowBrainer is a hand-held brainstorming tool that expands your imagination using proven prompts, quotes, and images. It distills SolutionPeople’s 4-Brain Accelerated Innovation method into a concise package.

    Return on Innovation Every KnowBrainer tool comes with our Return on Ideas Guarantee. If the value of the ideas generated using our tools isn´t greater than your investment, we´ll buy it back!

    Buy Now
  • FlashBrainer PC Software

    $148 $97

    FlashBrainer has all the power of the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool in a large digital format, wrapped up in our iMusic audio stimulator. Because odds are you’re using a computer at this very moment.

    FlashBrainer is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, ME, Vista, and Windows 7

    Digital products are excluded from the ROI Guarantee
    Buy Now
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