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Ever wish the music you listen to could make you smarter? Now you too can own revolutionary audio technology scientifically proven to increase mental abilities and enhance your senses.

Dear Music Lover, The secret I am about to share with you WILL make you more alert, more mentally active, more productive, and increase your innovative and creative potential. It offers 2 genres of music for you to enjoy. If you are a music lover and are committed to improving your performance at work, at play, or in your daily life then this is the answer for you.

See What Music Execs Are Saying

“You’ve read, you’ve thought, you’ve learned. You’ve done it all before. But never like this. iMusic will get your brain clipping along like a fine Swiss watch. Whether you’re a student, an established professional or a hope to be entrepreneur, iMusic will give you the steady focus to buckle down and follow through on your goals.”

Michael Chan, Executive VP,

Introducing KnowBrainer iMusic

DIAL IN With KnowBrainer iMusic

KnowBrainer iMusic infuses your brain with innovative and creative energy, to accelerate your thought performance and connect you with your truly inspired self. In a collaboration of neuro-science and music, KnowBrainer iMusic effortlessly calibrates your brain to help you dial in to your best self. Possibly the quickest, easiest, and most FUN way to develop your thinking skills and challenge your mind to think better and faster- using MUSIC!

Before we go any further let’s get something straight, this is NOT about… 1. Rock Star Vocals, 2. 80’s Ballads, 3. The Mozart Effect, 4. Or Flashy Packaging.

Instead, KnowBrainer iMusic is a powerful combination of music and science, specifically engineered to stimulate the neurons in the brain. The stimulated neurons will get your blood pumping and your mind moving faster, all while enjoying original music created to improve your innovation and creativity.

Leveraging scientific findings and proven brain technology that is now being used by NASA, top performance clinics and companies around the world, iMusic turns on your brain like nothing available before.

Your brainwaves will be quickly guided into the ideal frequency and amplitude (learn more @, giving you the focus, mental-power and creative clarity to generate solutions, overcome challenges and brainstorm ideas as you use the powerful ‘Brainer tools

Enjoy KnowBrainer iMusic while working, at play, or as a companion to any of the “Brainer” tools.

Just push play to enter what brain-performance experts have determined is the perfect mind state for using the KnowBrainer and FlashBrainer creavity and innovation tools. A peak performance mode of thought will accelerate the rate and quality of ideas, solutions and productive thoughts that you can generate.

Use KnowBrainer iMusic with the ‘Brainer tools to inspire ideas, solutions and action plans as you set out to meet goals, overcome challenges and solve problems. These tools guide you through a precise model of thought and action called the Accelerated Innovation Process. A framework that Fortune 100 companies around the world have chosen to follow as they decide, create, analyze, prospect and innovate. Using these ‘Brainer tools will get you asking the right questions, achieving the right perspectives and thinking in the right manner to improve your creative and innovative output. They will help you realize the necessary actions and steps that will need to be taken, for a successful and performance increasing outcome.

You’re probably wondering….. HOW DOES IT WORK?

The Spectograms below will help you visualize the answer.

The BEFORE EEG spectrogram below shows brainwave measurements taken from a person deeply engaged in an activity, but is not using iMusic. They are not in a peak productive mental state, rather only working as their physiology allows.

The AFTER spectrogram shows a person who is in a dramatically enhanced mental state via iMusic and experiencing sharp improvements in performance and mental capability.

The following spectrograms and bar charts represent a culmination of laboratory trial and testing, and epitomize the real world results that every iMusic user can expect.

*** In accordance with best practices, EEG/Brainwave data is recorded before, during and after the listening session. This provides a spectrum of data to allow comparative analysis. Placebo effect variable elimination tactics and subjectivity differential procedures were strictly applied to assure true results.

KnowBrainer iMusic makes peak performance possible

The result of decades of brain research, clinical testing and analysis of over 100 models related to innovation, creativity and problem solving, KnowBrainer iMusic was developed by foremost brainwave entrainment experts and human performance innovation and creativity experts.

KnowBrainer iMusic will allow you to reach your peak mental state by activating your brain’s innovative and creative energies, accelerating your thought performance, and connecting you with your truly inspired self. All of this while listening to beautiful music!

Just listen and learn. Literally. Look below to see what other iMusic users are saying:

“The best way to describe iMusic is to call it mental software. All I have to do is listen and my brain is purring like an Intel driven machine… in what seems like a matter of moments I’m whizzing through my text and readings. I run on iMusic, what do you run on?”

Mark Jacobsen, Ivy League Masters Student

“Using iMusic is akin to plugging yourself into a machine that instantly transforms you into a productive, effective and energized android with amazing capabilities. For those non sc-fi fans, hear this: iMusic will unsheathe your best self.”

Duncan Reynolds, Movie Executive, USA

KnowBrainer iMusic will surround you with subtle sounds that reap tremendous return. KnowBrainer iMusic’s time tested strategies follow the same brain frequencies found in the minds of great artists, educators, gamers, and more. . . .

Studies have shown the exact frequencies/amplitudes of brainwave activity that are present when artists such as Picasso create brilliant art, when visionaries like John D. Rockefeller plan their empires, when grandmasters such as Bobby Fischer mentally play out a chess game 20 moves ahead. Everything you do or experience can be better by simply being in a certain mental state.

With KnowBrainer iMusic, these states can be artificially replicated. But peak performance/experience creation is just the beginning. In 1 Easy Step You Too Can Achieve Peak Brain Performance 1. Press play. Relax and listen to KnowBrainer iMusic, and let the brainwave entrainment do the rest. You need do nothing but enjoy!

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Stimulate your Sensory Cortex Automatically with “KnowBrainer iMusic”

KnowBrainer iMusic will keep you engaged while training your brain to think better and faster. Using the ear as a pathway to the brain, KnowBrainer iMusic enhances your mind’s capabilites as you work. Although KnowBrainer iMusic sounds just like “regular music”, it contains undetectable but powerful mind activating characteristics. Over 70 minutes of original music has been engineered by scientists and musicians to reduce stress while engaging the creative cortex of your brain.

Use KnowBrainer iMusic to effortlessly entice your brain to be more innovative and creative. This Valuable Tool Holds Nothing Back!

Listen to KnowBrainer iMusic and Experience Ground Breaking Brain Training Technology

KnowBrainer iMusic gives you 4 iMusic Tracks which contain our leading edge IMAGINCE digital audio technology. One track for each part of the Accelerated Innovation Process.

Now you can “Musicate-to-Innovate” with KnowBrainer iMusic’s 2CD set. KnowBrainer iMusic comes in two distinct musical genres that appeal to a variety of preferences. CD1 contains “Modern Texture” music and CD2 includes “Classical Styles” music. Each CD contains over 70 minutes of stereo music.

Modern Texture Genre – CD1

Classical Styles Genre – CD2

Track 1 | Step 1: Investigate Needs iMusic (17:54) - Investigate to Innovate, ThinkOrchestra

Track 2 | Step 2: Create Ideas iMusic (18:09) - Create to Innovate, ThinkOrchestra

Track 3 | Step 3: Evaluate Solutions iMusic (18:01) - Evaluate to Innovate, ThinkOrchestra

Track 4 | Step 4: Activate Plans iMusic (18:05) - Activate to Innovate, ThinkOrchestra

Track 1 | Step 1: Investigate Needs iMusic (18:32) - Hashimoto, Symphony No. 1 in D Major, Maestros – Hashimoto, Heavenly Maiden and Fisherman, Dawn

Track 2 | Step 2: Create Ideas iMusic (17:53) - Hashimoto, Symphony No. 1 in D Major Allegretto – Ohguri, Violin Concerto, Allegro Vivace

Track 3 | Step 3: Evaluate Solutions iMusic (17:36) - Ifukube, Symphonic Fantasia No. 1, Lento Molto-Allegro – Hashimoto, Symphony No. 1 in D Major, Moderato: Fuga – Hashimoto, The Fisherman and the Heavenly Maiden’s Dance

Track 4 | Step 4: Activate Plans iMusic (15:39) - Ifukube, Japanese Rhapsody, Fetes – Moroi, Symphonic Movements, Op. 22 Allegro con Spirito – Moroi, Symphony No. 3, Op 25 About Humor and Wit: Allegretto.

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Your investment is only US $19.40 per CD and I am confident you will find enjoyment worth much more. You may wonder, is the KnowBrainer iMusic really worth almost $20 a disk? YES! A survey of iMusic listeners indicated that over 90% found the music to be helpful in stimulating creativity and innovation. You have the pleasure of experiencing a new type of entertainment. . . Brain Entrainment. Learn to think smarter and faster with KnowBrainer iMusic. Order now and receive the two cd set for only $99.98 ONLY $38.80 for a limited time.

“The truth is that iMusic is for everyone, no matter what your IQ, age, ethnic background, or belief system. Peak performance can be achieved regardless of whether you’re a business executive, an artist or a university researcher. Everyone can achieve the same stress-free state where the brain works double-time without effort.”

Yours for OUTRAGEOUS Mind Altering Products and services,

Gerald Haman, Inventor The “Brainer” Tools.

-KnowBrainer -FlashBrainer –GOBrainer -KnowBrainer iMusic

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